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Andrew And The Fun-Shaped People

A beautifully illustrated book exploring diversity, empathy, and the joy of being yourself.

When we meet new people, our first thought might be, “They are so different from me!”  Sometimes, we use these differences to create distance.

But what if we believed that all our differences are beautiful, necessary, and natural? If we learned to celebrate the unique identities that everyone has?

This is exactly what Andrew and his mom teach us to do in Andrew and the Fun-Shaped People.  Andrew is frustrated because he sees that his shape doesn’t quite fit the world around him. But through the course of the story, his mom shows him how fun-shaped people make the world awesome.

This is a thoughtful gift for special children, their parents and caregivers, and everyone else in their lives.

Author Chelsea Delaney has spent the last 43 years being, observing, loving, and writing about the “oddball” kids around him – then gathering those learnings into this delightful tale.

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Exiting Through Pinholes

Waking up. Remembering. Grieving. Setting out on an adventure. If you have joined me in any of these very human pursuits, this collection will speak to you. May it wrap you in magic and strengthen your persistence. I look forward to meeting you somewhere on the road.


Available on Amazon!

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