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Expressive Arts is the practice of moving between multiple art forms to explore and express life's stories.  The focus is on the process of discovery, not on the end product and how "pretty" it is or isn't.  As such, it goes a long way in silencing the voice of judgement and helping people of all skill levels regain their birthright in the land of creativity.  

It can be as "simple" as painting with each other as we ask questions like: what color was this day?  What color did you need it to be?  How do those two colors interact?  How do you feel as you work with both?  It can also be as "complex" as writing in the voice of a life obstacle, then drawing it, then finding a simple movement that it wants to make in order to shed light on why it is there.  

It is is an incredibly powerful and accessible practice.  It has given me so many more ways to heal, and I hold your discovery space with the same reverence, playfulness, and compassion that I hold my own.  Sessions are conducted online or in person.  $80 for an hour session, $100 for a ninety minute session.  Sliding scale available, please inquire.

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