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Chelsea Delaney





Hi friends and friends to be!  I know everyone else calls you collectors or clients, but if you're going to have a piece of my soul hanging on your walls or let me into the very personal territory of your writing, then we're friends in my book.  Nothing thrills my autistic soul more than a well-crafted sentence or a visual that makes me feel deeply and ask questions.  So, I wake up every day excited to bring more of those experiences to the world.

From my sunny, Bay Area home studio I work my expert, intuitive magic.  My acrylic and mixed media works are focused around questions I'm exploring, stories I want to amplify and unravel, and a provocative use of texture and color.  With my writers I focus on collaboration, transparency, and making sure that we're reaping the benefits of the personal side of the writing journey.  I will be excited for you, to the point of making it awkward, when your editing is paying off, and I will be firm with you when you're being redundant or otherwise trying too hard and need to slash some words.  My love of the visual strengthens my work with writers.  My love of writers and their journeys strengthens my work in the visual.

By now you're either thinking, who is this fascinating, gender fluid being, or you've stopped reading and are doom scrolling IG again ;-) Either way, outside of the "office" I'm a nature lover (who isn't), a part-time nanny, a collector of antique hammers, Creative Director of Re-Route magazine online, and a lover of conscious movement.  All of these things flavor the work I do in this world, my dual mission to create beautiful things and make sure people get a chance to be heard and seen and loved, just as they are.

I'm so happy you're here.  Let the work and the play begin!

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