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  • Editing: developmental, copy, line, and proofreading.​

  • Start Your Engines!: brainstorm, research, outline, and receive non-judgemental accountability for the beginning deadlines of your project.

  • Writing/Ghostwriting: conduct interviews, research, write, revise, and edit your project--specialties include memoir, children’s books, poetry anthologies, and spiritual development writing, though I also have experience with non-fiction and copywriting.

  • Writing coach: help with any areas of the writing process that are most challenging for you, weekly check-ins to discuss progress and obstacles, review and comment on drafts of the project.


  • Hourly--current hourly rates are $45 an hour for editing, $60 an hour for writing and coaching.  Hourly rates are best for those who have smaller projects, or aren’t yet sure the scope of their project.

  • Project--these are designed based on the needs of the individual client.  Project rates are best for those who have more labor/time intensive projects, and they save you money too!

Contact me for a free consultation if you're not quite sure what you need yet!

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